Connecting Businesses

With over 10 years of experience Digital Access (Pty) Ltd builds the right solutions for our clients. We have solutions available for businesses that are designed to keep our clients in productive mode without interruption.

Point of Sale

Hardware & Software Solutions

Cash Registers

For small to medium businesses

Multifunction Printers

Black & White – Colour Solutions

Time & Attendance

Keep Track Of Your Staff

Power Solutions

UPS, Inverters & Batteries.

CCTV Surveillance

AHD & IP Solutions

Wireless Alarms

Ajax Alarms with Ultimate Protection.

Business Voice (VoIP)

Small to Medium Business Call Solutions

Home Voice (VoIP)

Home Call Solutions

IT & Networking

Solutions for small to large businesses.

Email & Web Hosting

Linux business hosting. 

About Our Support

We offer our clients offsite and onsite support. Our technical team is on stand by to assist.

Telephone Support: Mon – Fri: 8am – 6pm.

Email Support: Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. 

Whatsapp Support: Mon – Thurs: 7am – 8pm | Fri – Sun: 7am – 10pm

Some of our Brands

Call us: 039 315 1381 – Email us: