CCTV Surveillance

Secure Your Business & Home

Installing a CCTV Surveillance system allows you to have 24 hours all round surveillance coverage of your business or home. This allows you to also have local recordings, see all details, have remote access and have high resolution footage. We specialize in analogue, AHD and IP cameras and DVR systems. Our Brands are Provision and Hikvision.

Clear Image

720P HD, 1080P FHD & Ultra HD 4K

View Anywhere

View your cameras anywhere around the world

Service & Repairs

We service and repair any existing CCTV systems


Clean, professional installations with a 6 month workmanship warranty

AHD & IP Systems

AHD & IP Cameras, DVR'S and NVR's to suit your home or business needs

PTZ Dome

Have a 360-degree view with our PTZ products

People Counter

Cameras that count the number of people walking into your doors

License & Facial Recognition

Vehicle license plate and facial recognition solutions