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Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX Solutions

Our Cloud PBX switchboards enables businesses to make cheaper calls while having the same quality standards of a normal call. Using this service can save a business up to 40% on the monthly call bill. What is Cloud PBX? It is a telephone switchboard system which runs through a PBX system that is hosted through the internet and operates through cloud technology.

Does your Hardware need an Upgrade? But you want to keep your current VoIP provider? No problem at all…

Our Cloud PBX can be used with any VoIP service provider.

Reduce Costs

Save up to 40% on your calls.

Reliable Servers

99.9% Uptime.

Affordable Equipment

Low up-front capital requirements.

Affordable Maintenace

Low maintenance costs.

Superior Voice

High voice quality.

Multiple Locations

Seamless multiple location platforms.


Got any questions? We can help

Can I transfer my Telkom Landline number?

Yes you can. Transfers can take upto 2 weeks without interruption.

Can I port my existing Voip number or get a new number?

Yes you can. Porting of existing geographical numbers and new numbers such as 031, 011, 021, 039 ect. costs R 99 per number once-off and R 25 per number there after per month.

What are the voice call rates?

Telkom Local & National – R 0.39 per min

All Cellular Networks – R 0.69 per min

Can I use my existing internet connection?

Yes you can if it is a 4 Meg line or more.

Can I use my existing Cloud PBX Hardware?

Yes you can. We will just need to come to your business to setup the new account.

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