Provision Easy Check

Fever Screening & Face Mask Detection

With Covid-19 spreading across South Africa the Provision Easy Check Fever Screening and Face Mask Detection is a contactless testing device and is an ideal solution for businesses, schools, shopping malls and more. The Easy Check will assist to prevent people from entering a premises if the person has a fever or isn’t wearing a face mask with an alarm and computer notification.

Temperature Measurment

Accuracy: +/- 0,3°c

Mask Detection

Accuracy 100%

Facial Recognition

Accuracy: 99.7%

Voice Notification

Real Time Voice Notifications


No-Mask Detection | Face Recognition | Temperature Measurement

EASY-CHECK is a high-performance access control reader developed by the Israeli brand to prevent the spread of cross infections and viruses such as COVID-19. This all-in-one device performs face recognition, mask detection and temperature measurement in accordance with the recent guidelines on safety and risk prevention.

Temperature Measurement

The temperature measuring module allows EASY CHECK to perform a fast and accurate body temperature measurement. When the user body temperature is above normal (___°C) EASY CHECK will trigger an alarm or send a push notification to the person in charge of access control. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.3°C.

Mask Detection

EASY-CHECK can be used to “flag” a user who isn’t wearing the protective covering. The user will be invited to wear a mask to gain access to the premises.

Face Recognition

EASY-CHECK relays on the latest face recognition algorithms enabling the unit to recognize a face even when the user is wearing a mask. The powerful embedded camera featuring EASY-CHECK reads the facial characteristics that are not covered by the mask (like the eyes, the eyebrows and the uncovered part of the nasal bridge) and identifies the user. Any user will be able to keep his masks on at all times while still gaining access to the premises. Face recognition accuracy: 99,7%..